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In 1968, a very dedicated teacher named Kay Fredericks created the first TREND product in the U.S.A, right in her own home. Starting a company which became an empire, she created school based curriculum learning products and brought a most welcoming change to the education industry.

This first product was a “bulletin board” and has been copied by many, mostly for its effective ways to brighten classrooms, and introduce subject matter. Its colorful characters and content rich themes, catch and hold students’ attention, spark curiosity, inspire and energize lessons, making learning a most rewarding and fun experience; which is by the way what TREND has always in mind “Making learning fun”!

So the story takes us yet to another teacher, this time closer to home; who having been subjected to this kind of learning in Canada, returned to her homeland – Greece, with a suitcase full of TREND products, and a dream to make learning fun in her own country.

This she realized in a very short while, after having created her own language school; and seeing the benefits and many rewards, she decided to share it with others by bringing TREND to Greece and calling her love child TREND Hellas.

TREND products are known for their engaging, creative design and age-appropriate content that prepares children of all skill levels for a lifetime of successful learning experiences and every product is designed to be easy to use and multi-functional for added value.

Nowadays, almost all private English teaching schools and teachers  individually but parents as well, use TREND products “to make learning fun” and their teaching easy and appealing to their kids.

Now I ask you - What more does a teacher need in order to face “the world’s most critical audience” and come out a winner?”

Product Information

  • TREND products are used in primary, middle and High School, Activity Centers, homes, language schools, even Hospitals all over the world.
  • TREND has over 2.500 learning products.
  • TREND products are all Teacher created- Student tested.
  • TREND has received over 125 Awards for product excellence, originality and more from nationally recognized Parenting, Publishing and Educational Organizations.
  • All TREND products are NON TOXIC.
  • All TREND products are created by the finest quality materials to create durability, lasting for years of use
  • TREND’S motto is “we make learning fun”. We dare anyone to challenge it!
  • TREND loves teachers and students alike. Our aim is to let them do what they like doing best, teaching and learning – the fun way.

We won’t have it any other way!

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